Water is used everywhere in a HoReCa and Hospitality – for cooking, drinking, heating/cooling, bathing and laundry. The quality of the water running through your property can have a huge impact on the comfort and safety of guests and staff, as well as your operating costs. Trust Your Water decided to dedicate a specific line to HoReCa sector. We can combine our knowledge of water and water treatment with your expertise, to provide the perfect solution for any business. Trust Your Water modular designed systems make them some of the most complete solutions in the market and are completely customizable to your needs.

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Benefits & Advantages

Cost & Water Saving

The modularity optimizes capital expenditure whilst ensuring the best levels of treatment for your water. We offer To our clients the possibility of solving the issues linked with water management by using our simple and robust systems to provide safe supply of any type of water. Trust Your Water endeavors to help you and your business to become more profitable by offering products and experience to take care of all your water.

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Quality & Service

Our suppliers have been selected based on the two core principles of the Trust Your Water promise: quality and reliability. We are aware of how important water is for your business, therefore we selected only the best products available in the market to offer you an up to 5 years full warranty on each systems. TYW service team will take care of installing the stystems fast and professionally. TYW can support you with a set solutions.

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Environment Awareness

Trust Your Water solutions represent the envirnmental sustainable alternative for your business, becoming one of your marketing avantages. Plastic bottled water has been a popular alternative, but it’s expensive and creates waste that’s hard on the environment. Looking at the HoReCa industries, we developped set of solutions specificatelly engineered to minimize the plastic bottled water usage in the Hospitality industries.

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Trust Your Water provides bottle-free water filtration units to supply staff and visitors with a sustainable, healthy and constant source of drinking water, thus eliminating or reducing the need to purchase and consume plastic bottled water. To provide high quality water, we offer a microfiltration point of use (POU) water treatment system followed by a dispenser that will filter and chill the water supplied from the secondary supply stream. The dispenser will be a direct replacement of the standard plastic bottled water cooler.
Due to the good water quality supplied by the municipality in the area we don’t advise to install any reverse osmosis systems.

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TYW softeners with hydro powered system are perfect for medium and large sized service industries and commercial premises. The non-electric units, without the requirement of electrical control switches, have a great flexibility when determining a suitable location. Limescale and watermarks on fixtures, ruining your stylish interiors, costly outlays on detergents plus expensive repairs and maintenance. Our auto-regerating twin tank softeners modular design allows for the systems to grow when your needs begin to grow.

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Beside the Hot waters Heaters, Cooling towers are used in HVAC systems that have multiple water source heat pumps that share a common piping water loop. Water heaters operating on untreated hard water consume significantly more energy than units operating with softened water. The calcium and magnesium found in hard water forms a rock-like scale when heated. The scale forming primarily in the areas where heat is greatest acts as insulation to prevent the energy source from performing efficiently. The mineral build-up is a poor conductor of heat and causes the water heater to use greater amounts of energy to treat the same amount of water. We offer you the solution to reduce the connected costs of an inefficient system and the advantage of reducing the maintenence expenses.

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We propose a set of point-of-entry filters for Restaurant and Professional Kitchen applications. Our products are the best solution to filter your water and remove the bad taste and smell that is typically associated with tap water, along with any other pollutants that might be present. Our technologies include granular-activated carbon filters (GAC), metallic alloy filters, ion exchange resin (IER), microfiltration and ultra filtration. Our point-of-entry devices can be directly installed at source in order to protect users against mycobacteria and potentially harmful water pathogens. The compact design of our systems allows us to minimize the foot-print of the installation, saving precious space for you and your business.

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The TYW disinfection systems provide safe water byeliminating the harmful (pathogen) bacteria that live in it. Its application for drinking water ranges from Hotel, Buildings, Hospitals and Houses. Also it is an effective innocuous alternative for bacteria control in cooling towers and process water. With its origin in Legionella prevention you can use the YTW system also to remove other harmful bacteria like E-coli, Salmonella or even Cryptosporidium. The copper-silver system doses very small concentrations of copper and silver into the water, enough to eliminate the bacteria but safe for human health. Just like our ancestors did by throwing silver and metal coins in water wells and jars to contain the bacteria growth in the water.

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TYW is able to offer a set of Plastic-Free drinking water solutions for buildings, offices and common areas. Getting rid of plastic bottles will allow your business to save money within a short time and become indipendent from the delivery issues. Make your business more environmental sustaineble and benefit from the related advantages in terms of costs saving as well as logistic and space management.

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