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Trust Your Water is a European Solution Provider, based in Dubai, active in process and civil water treatment. We are able to integrate customized water treatment solution specific for each client, being aware and considering the different needs of each business segment. TYW offers a wide range of products to fulfil the majority of your requests, and if your solution is not available, we simply create it. We endeavour to offer our products supported by the state-of-art designing process to any activity. Our technical value proposition, coming from the synergy with the major international brands, allows us to propose customized solutions for the entire water management cycle of almost any business.


Trust Your Water is borne to bringing together experienced professionals and advanced technologies to solve the daily and most complex challenges related to water availability, quality and productivity in for the residential and industrial market. Our challenge is to help our customers to rethink the water management of their own daily needs from a different prospective, by enhancing the correlation between economic advantages and environmental and energy saving.


Trust Your Water provides water treatment solutions in residential, commercial and professional areas. We offer pre-engineered systems for different domestic need, as well as complete customized solutions for Hospitality and Professional applications.
Residential: Homes, Apartments, Villas.
Commercial: Office, Hotels, Restaurants, food productions and more.
Water Dispenser: outdoor and indoor solutions for EXPO, campus and public spaces.
Customized: systems designed on client’s specifications and requests.


Water is essential for our daily activities. The correct water intake and intake quality is a very efficient health solutions to keep the body healthy more than people think, Promoting our solutions allows us to guarantee to our customers the best water for human consumption, thanks to the high water quality provided by the local Municipality in the UAE territory.

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For us quality is how we can offer the best solution to any specific need. TYW is aware of the importance of water for each of us in our daily life. We don’t want you to take any risk. We chose for you only the best components complying with industrial quality standards made by premium European and USA suppliers. Our products are aimed to maximize the logistic efficiency and energy saving via their technical advantages, in order to improve the economic performance of any activity. We want to allow our clients being able to choose the best solution in water management.

Founded in 1970, Kinetico pioneered the development of non-electric, fully automatic water treatment systems. In the years since, they’ve grown into a global company of independent Kinetico water experts and international distributors serving more than 100 countries.

ClearWater Tech, LLC is a US leading designer and manufacturer since 1986 of ozone generation equipment for commercial laundries, swimming pools, spas, water features, indoor air treatment, and a wide range of other water and air purification applications and markets.

ATECA is a Dutch based company that since 2001 delivered Legionella safe environments and safe drinking water for millions of people in several countries. Not only their technique is completely safe and affordable, it also doesn’t harm the environment making it very suitable for environmental friendly businesses.

Since 1954 the Guglielmi family has been dealing with an ancient and difficult job: giving shape to water, among all, the most elusive and elusive element. Yet, with the beauty of the lines, with the glitter of metal and with the most advanced technical research, it allows itself to be dominated, and enters our homes, bringing us wellbeing and health.

DKR is an Italian based company capable of producing state of art water treatment and distribution systems, incorporating stainless steel units and able to function over many decades with minimum maintenance costs. This is because, since 1982, DKR have worked to resolve some highly complex technical problems investing heavily in R&D.

A solid reality based in the North-East of Italy, that since many years endeavor to combine the best Italian technology and the unique Italian style in all its products. Thanks to the high degree of graphic customization and the attention for the detail, their water dispensers also become a unique and exclusive piece of furniture.